About Developers Realty Corporation

Developing & Managing Commercial Real Estate since 1958.

About DRC

Developers Realty Corporation (DRC) is an experienced shopping center development company. We own and operate more than 3 million square feet of retail shopping centers throughout the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Midwestern U.S.
Founded in 1958, DRC has continuously grown, quickly becoming proficient in every aspect of retail real estate. Since we are a family-owned company with a tight internal structure, we are not laden with heavy debt, a complex approval process or mandated financial oversight. We are in the position to develop projects of all types and sizes. And this is a distinct advantage that we have over other developers.
Today, we own and operate 24 successful shopping centers in 8 different states, some of which we are currently renovating or expanding. In addition, we have many new development projects underway throughout the country.

A hands-on management approach.

At DRC, we keep each of our retail properties operating as efficiently as possible. We closely monitor our centers on a daily basis and stay on top of changing consumer needs to ensure that each property reaches its highest potential.

Leasing programs that work harder.

Our primary leasing objective is to ensure the best possible performance and profitability for every party involved. We do this by creating leasing programs that match the demographic and economic characteristics of each marketplace with consumer buying patterns and the expansion needs of the most desirable tenants. The result is a network of vibrant retail properties that feature diverse merchants with proven track records in traffic generation and sales volume.

Smart, strategic development and construction.

Strategic development has always been our strong suit. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring together the perfect team of architects, engineers, designers and construction specialists for the job at hand. Combine that with our diversity, professional resources, financial stability and a deep understanding of both our tenants and the communities we serve and you get a successful venture, every time.

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